Application of the caressing stone on the face

🧼 Start with a clean face and apply a few drops of your favorite facial oil. This makes the stroking stone's sliding movements easier.

Our recommendation for pain-relieving self-massage: 💆‍♀️ rub the skin with the power sprat balm "Arnica Yeah" to simultaneously incorporate the active ingredients arnica 🌼 and cypress 🌲 into your skin.

👆 Using the long side of the stone, start in the middle of your forehead and gently stroke outwards towards your temples. Repeat this 3-5 times to promote lymphatic circulation.

Eye area:
👀 Use the curved side of the stone to gently trace under the eyes from the inside out to reduce puffiness.

Cheeks and jawline:
👶 Place the stroking stone at a 45° angle on your cheeks and gently stroke it upwards towards your ears. Then work from the edges of your mouth along your jawline to your chin.

Neck and décolleté:
🦢 Guide the stone along the neck from top to bottom to direct the lymph fluid towards the body. Be particularly gentle in this area as the skin here is more sensitive.

🥤 After the treatment, drink a glass of water to flush out the lymphatic fluid and released toxins.

Note: ✋ Use the stroking stone with light pressure to avoid bruising or excessive pressure on the lymphatics, especially after liposuction or if you have lymphedema on the face.

This gentle but effective technique not only helps decongestion, but can also help relieve tension and increase well-being. 🌱 Integrate the Gua Sha "petting stone" into a weekly care routine and experience how it revitalizes your skin and gives you moments of peace and relaxation. 💖

Using the caressing stone after liposuction

🧽 Start with clean and dry skin. ⏳ Wait until any stitches or wounds have completely healed before using the Gua Sha stone.
🤲 Warm a small amount of the Power Sprat Balm “Arnika Yeah” between your hands. The warmth of your hands helps activate the ingredients.

Step 1: Apply balm
🌿 Apply the balm gently to the affected area on the knees or elbows. The anti-inflammatory effect of arnica supports the skin in regeneration, while the oils ensure a supple base.

Step 2: Gua Sha application
🪒 Hold the Gua Sha “petting stone” at a shallow angle to the surface of the skin.
🌬️ Start with gentle stroking movements that move outward from the center of the swollen area towards the nearest lymph nodes. This supports the drainage of lymph fluid and reduces swelling.
🦵 At the knee, gently move the stone in an upward motion from below the kneecap up to the thigh.
🦴 At the elbow, stroke from the joint towards the armpits.

Step 3: Pressure and Repeat
🔄 Repeat the strokes 5-10 times per area. Use light to moderate pressure to avoid irritating sensitive skin and underlying structures.

Step 4: Rest phase
🛌 Leave the balm on the skin after use to maximize its healing properties. Avoid direct sunlight ☀️ and intense pressure on the treated areas.

Step 5: Aftercare
💧 Hydrate yourself well to support lymph fluid and drink plenty of water after treatment.

A notice:
👩‍⚕️ If you experience severe swelling or discomfort, you should consult your doctor before using the Gua Sha “petting stone”.
📅 Carry out the treatment regularly, but not excessively. Once a day should be enough to enjoy the benefits without overwhelming the skin.
🤗 This gentle form of self-care after liposuction can help support the healing process, soothe the skin and promote well-being. The power sprat balm "Arnica Yeah" in combination with the Gua Sha technique forms a synergistic duo that optimizes recovery.

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