About me

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Hello, I'm Caroline Sprott, lipedema health influencer, speaker, blogger, something like a model and lipedema girl for everything. With the name, the shop name probably explains itself very quickly. But where does the power come from? Who is the Sprat? And why is this shop so incredibly super-duper-great? Yeah, I'd like to know that myself. But I'll try my best to tell you everything you want to know.

What is a power sprat?

That's basically you, or rather, that's you when I'm done with you. But I'll start first, I'm the original sprat, so to speak.

In 2010/2011 I was diagnosed with lipoedema for my legs, the arms should follow soon and so at the age of 24 I was faced with an immense abyss full of fear for the future, frustration and despair. It was difficult for me to accept the slowly deteriorating situation, since I diligently and diligently did everything to prevent this progression. Well, that's how it was and I had to think of something to save myself from this abyss before it pulled me into itself.

With the last of my energy, I developed my fashionable self-therapy, in which I dressed every day to match my medically necessary compression. Dealing positively with this source of negative energy has made me stronger and taught me how much it is in my own hands to motivate myself and always remind myself how strong I am.

Oh, you're that fashion blogger!

Yes, exactly. In 2015, I founded my blog Lipedema Mode , which is now the largest patient-run website with all sorts of knowledge and interesting articles on the subject of self-management in lipedema and lymphedema and compression in general. The topic of fashion alone quickly became too small for me. Guest authors and manufacturers have worked with me to make this page a very important point of contact for other affected people. On Instagram and Facebook I regularly give outfit inspiration for different flat knit compression colors - who needs sleep anyway?

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Why did you open a shop now?

I am a fundamentally happy person and would have always wished for a few motivating everyday brighteners that would give me energy. Unfortunately, I have waited in vain for a shop like this for the last few years, which specializes in me as a target group. What else can I do but take matters into my own hands and create all the beautiful things for myself and all other fighters that I've wanted so badly?

The power in the name stands for the positive energy that should flow into your life through the products. I send you all my strength so that you can give full force to your therapy. That gives me a joy that can't be outweighed by anything and that's what counts in life, isn't it?

And when you are happy about your order, energy comes back into my cycle and the bill is already there.

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What is the Power Sprotte online shop all about?

Here you will find casual statements, helpful tools for your self-management with lipedema, lymphedema or thrombosis and interesting reading. This shop is unique and created by me especially for you. Here you are in a protected space where you feel understood and in good company as a person affected, but above all as a woman or man behind the disease.

If that's not the case, I'd love to hear your feedback. Should that be the case, too. Feel free to write me your favorite recipe, how your vacation was or if you hate accounting as much as I do.

I wish you lots of shopping pleasure

your great sprat Caroline