Arnica - A natural pain reliever

Arnica Montana, also known as Bergwohlverleih, is at the center of the balm. Known for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, this powerful plant helps the body heal from bruises, swelling and muscle pain. Combined with calming lavender and revitalizing cypress oil, a balm is created that not only nourishes the skin, but also calms and strengthens the mind.

🍃 Anti-inflammatory: Fights inflammation and supports healing
🍃 Pain Relieving: Helps with bruises, swelling and muscle pain
🍃 Combination with lavender: Provides calming and balance
🍃 With cypress oil: Revitalizes and strengthens the skin
🍃 Nourishes the skin: Intensively nourishes and supports skin health
🍃 Calms the mind: Helps with mental tension and promotes well-being

Cypress - The "Sacred Tree"

The CUPRESSUS SEMPERVIRENS OIL, better known as cypress oil, plays a very special role in our balm. It strengthens the veins and has a decongestant effect, which also makes it an important component for the self-management of people with lipedema, lymphedema and thrombosis as a basis for self-massage. The skin, which is heavily stressed every day by compression, finds the recovery and care it needs in our balm.

🍃 Strengthens veins: Promotes vascular health
🍃 Decongestant effect: Helpful for lymphatic accumulation and swelling
🍃 Basis for self-massage: Supports self-management of lipedema, lymphedema and thrombosis
🍃 Daily skin recovery: Nourishes and regenerates skin subjected to compression
🍃 Daily use: Ideal for regular skin care rituals and self-care

Customer Reviews

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YEAH, Arnicalove!

Die Arnicasalbe ist abends eine Wohltat für die Beine und ich liebe sie. Ich ziehe lediglich einen Punkt ab, da ich eine etwas größere Menge super fänd 😉🫶

Winter, Kerstin