You probably know that too, right?

We all know them, the moments in life where you just don't jump into your compression gallantly and skillfully like you usually do, but instead give up in frustration after several attempts and then don't wear one.

After swimming, on a lazy Sunday, when you've injured a finger, when you just can't breathe during yoga, when proper compression gear is still lying around in the laundry or it's still hanging in an adjustment loop.

Better than wearing no compression at all

To be honest, I, Caroline – the power sprat, also have moments like that. Rarely, but I should go swimming more often anyway... and before you find yourself completely without compression, the Bankl, the "Better than nothing" compression leggings, can at least give you a little support until medical care gets back on track can take over.

As the name suggests, it is still better than nothing.

Bankl - The "Better than nothing" compression leggings

The “Bankl” is your back-up plan if your medical compression care is not at hand or there are other reasons why it is not an option for you.

Please note, however, that we would always recommend custom-made compression stockings and that the Bankl does not come close to this quality. They are also only suitable for lymphedema in absolute exceptions and not in severe cases.

But this is exactly what we stand for. We don't promise you miracles and are completely transparent with your expectations. That's what #lipedema sisters do!

Customer Reviews

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Ich liebe die BANKL!

Ich trag sie aktuell nach der ersten Lipo (ab Woche 4 Post-OP, da die OP Kompression nicht mehr genug Wumms hat. Die neue Flachstrick kommt erst nach der 2. Lipo dran (meine Rundstrick geht zwar auch, ist aber voll unangenehm). Die BANKL ist da echt ne super Zwischenlösung. Bin sooooo happy und die ist wahnsinnig angenehm zu tragen 😍🙏

Gute Ergänzung zur Kompri

Sie ist sehr angenehm zu tragen! Zum anziehen brauche ich aber auch die Handschuhe 🧤 und Geduld. Farbe und Muster gefällt mir sehr gut 👍