🌟 Exclusive mix of high-quality ingredients:

Blackberry Leaves: Known for their anti-inflammatory properties

Raspberry leaves: Often used in folk medicine to relieve pain

Nettle leaves: Traditionally used for detoxification and water retention

Mullein: Famous for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties

Juniper berries: Used in folk medicine to support kidney and lymph function

Milk Thistle Herb: Helps the body process and eliminate toxins

Sweet clover: Traditionally described as blood purifying and stimulating lymph flow

Yarrow: Often used to support digestion and circulation

Oregano: The aromatic plant with antioxidant properties

Benefits that go beyond a cup of tea

The Power Sprat Lymphatic Tea not only offers a calming tea break, but could also be your daily companion in the care of your lymphatic system and in your personal pain therapy.

Your cup of self-care could:
💚 Support the care of the lymphatic system
🍵 Bring a moment of relief and relaxation into your day
🌺 Promote awareness of your body and its needs

4 things you need to know about lymphatic tea

Are you affected by lipedema or lymphedema and would like to know what health benefits lymphatic tea can have for you?

Then this blog article is for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Eileen Fiddelke
Hält was er verspricht

Er schmeckt echt gut, obwohl ich nicht so der Kräutertee Mensch bin. Aber ich freue mich jeden Tag auf meine Tasse Tee 🥰
& er unterstützt die Lymphe super 👍

Annett Buhla


Anna Speicher

Funktioniert sehr gut. Wäre schön, wenn es eine Version ohne Thymian gäbe. Der Geschmack ist nichts für mich.

Peggy Menger
Sehr gut

Er hilft mir sehr weniger Schmerzen und kaum noch ein Spannungsgefühl.

Ute Jene
Jene, U .

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Tee.... Ich kann ihn nur weiterempfehlen. 👌 Er schmeckt mir sehr gut.