The shop for flat knit and circular knit heroes

For optimal self-management of lipedema, lymphedema and thrombosis
The shop for flat knit and circular knit heroes
Summer in compression? Here you will find everything you need now.

Do you have lipedema, lymphedema or thrombosis?

Find everything for your self-management, your head health and a good life in compression.

Pants for women with lipedema and lymphedema

Strange but true. There are clothes that are specially tailored for you and me .

Put an end to the pants frustration!

Which care suits you?

Better support of the compression stockings and a better relationship with yourself? The right skin care will help you with that!

Take the quiz to find out which products are exactly right for your skin.


Wissenswertes für sein Selbstmanagement

Concept Store in Augsburg

Experience an unforgettable and unique shopping experience in the old town of Augsburg. Let the founder Caroline Sprott advise you, enchant you and encourage you to the full pot.

Elsa Eckhardt@elsa.eckhardt

It's magic! Because if you buy a product, you always get a load of self-love for free thanks to Caro's passion and the feeling that you have a friend who understands you and takes care of you.

Vanessa Reins@rundundsportlich

Cool stuff for living with lipedema / lymphedema! Don't you think so? Then shop in – right away.

Caution! This shop is addictive.

Nina UhlenbrockSanifee

Motivating things that not only strengthen me as a person affected by lipoedema, but also as a woman.

My friendsays

So if you don't buy here, it's your own fault. I would, but I get it for free.