Gib alles, außer auf!

Give everything but give up!

No one is responsible for your life, except yourself. True to this motto, Vanessa Reins shows on her Instagram account @rundundsportlich authentic and blunt their responsible handling of the lipoedema . She received her diagnosis in 2014, but initially she tried to suppress the chronic disease. After her first lipoedema rehab in 2017, her relationship with compression changed: Today it is love, because the flat knit will soon help Vanessa to realize her plan from the first triathlon start on July 9th, 2023.

Before After picture of Vanessa Reins in gym clothes

From couch potato to sports freak

On May 1st, 2020 she got back on her bike after years and has since developed into a sports freak. Racing bike, Pilates, hula hoop, swimming, jogging, strength training, tabata, step aerobics - it doesn't matter, she does what she enjoys and is good for her. And all this in compression (except for swimming). Because the most important thing is to wear the compression during sports and to find out what you like and what is good for you.

Three years and -32 kg later, she inspires lipoedema fighters online and offline with her story. She proved what we should all know, we can be "round & sporty" ! But it also shows every day that self-management is not a sure-fire success. There are times when she's more active than others and - most importantly - when things don't go well, it's okay. Even if you should fail in the meantime, the only important thing is that you start again. You only have this one life. Forget what others think! Go to the swimming pool, buy colorful clothes, feel good. Leave the "would have, would have bike chain" behind you and then: Give everything but give up!

We think this motto is so great that you can now pre-order the Round & Sporty T-shirt in the Power Sprotte Shop. In addition, Vanessa's motto is also available as a mirror sticker , which reminds you every day to start again.

Luna Largo impulse meetings

Your path to a more active everyday life, a more mobile life and a sportier you is often characterized by frustration and helplessness? Vanessa knows this all too well, which is why she is the perfect choice as a LUNA LARGO coach for the "Sport with Lipoedema" impulse meetings .

She, too, was once encouraged to join a bike ride, little knowing the change it would bring about. This should be the first step towards a new attitude towards life, because since then her new sporting ambition has turned her entire life upside down and for the better!

LUNA LARGO's "Women Empowering Women" impulse meetings offer you a unique opportunity to be inspired by the experiences and impulses of the well-known lipoedema fighter and to be able to benefit from them for a lifetime.

Caroline and Vanessa are wearing the Strong Girls United t-shirt dress and looking at each other

Strong Girls United

Lipoedema education is very important to Vanessa and as a real lipoedema fighter, she works every day to ensure that the Strong Girls United grow together more within the community and support each other, no matter what stage you are in or whether you are on the path with or without liposuction. Every 10th woman is affected by lipoedema . We are so many and you are not alone! You will notice that one or the other woman in your environment is certainly affected. All the more important that we stick together as a community and support each other.

And don't forget: Give everything but give up!

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No one is responsible for your life, except yourself. True to this motto, Vanessa Reins shows on her Instagram account @rundundsportlich...

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