Shake, shake, shake | Anwendung von Massagepistolen bei Lipödem

Shake, shake, shake | Use of massage guns in lipoedema

Have you been telling yourself for a while that you want to go back for a massage because you are so tense? But somehow you still never find the time for it. What if there was a way to knead and shake yourself properly at home? Without making an appointment. And that at any time of the day.

May we introduce: Mr. Rattle 2.0 and Mr. Shake 2.0 - the two massage guns for even the most stubborn cases.

Who can can

A massage gun, also known as a massage gun or massager, is a muscle relaxation and recovery tool. Massage guns are designed to apply targeted vibration and pulsating pressure to muscles. They mostly use a fast, repetitive movement technique to stimulate the deeper layers of the muscles.

The benefits of using massage guns regularly are many. They can help reduce muscle soreness by reducing lactic acid buildup in muscles. They can also improve flexibility and mobility by relaxing muscles and breaking up adhesions. In addition, massage guns can help increase blood flow , which allows for faster recovery and better oxygenation and nutrition of muscles.

Easy to handle

A major benefit of massage guns is their ease of use . They are usually ergonomically designed, easy to use and can be applied to different areas of the body. With different attachments or heads, massage guns can be adapted to individual needs. For example, there are attachments for larger muscle groups like the back or thighs, and smaller attachments for more sensitive areas like the neck or wrists.

Mr. Rattle and Mr. Shake each come with six attachments and up to 30 different speeds (Mr. Rattle 2.0) so you can really shake and shake.

Massage guns for lipedema

By improving circulation, Mr. Rattle and Mr. Shake can help improve lipedema pain. The vibrations and pulsating movements also help to reduce lymphatic congestion and support the removal of fluids and toxins. In addition, the structure of the fatty tissue can be loosened and mobilized, which can help reduce swelling and improve the appearance of the skin in lipoedema . Mr. Rattle 2.0 and Mr. Shake 2.0 offer you a convenient and affordable solution for your lipedema self-management . With their handy size and various attachments, they should not be missing in any household - the Mr. Shake 2.0 mini massage gun in particular can be packed in your handbag or suitcase in no time at all if you are away for a shorter or longer period. It doesn't work so well with the therapists.

Massage guns for lymphedema

Massage guns should be used with caution and with consideration of certain factors in lymphedema. While massage guns can potentially aid in lymphatic drainage, it is important to note that use for lymphedema requires specific guidelines and medical advice . Doctors and therapists can provide individual instructions and recommendations based on the severity of the lymphedema and general health . The intensity and speed should be adjusted very carefully in lymphedema so as not to cause additional stress or complications. The attachments should also be chosen in consultation with the doctor or therapist so that they can produce gentler and wider movements.

Please do not forget to, ...

that massage guns do not replace your doctor or treatment appointments. Massage guns can serve as an adjunctive measure for symptomatic relief, but should not be viewed as the sole treatment method. Don't put too much pressure on any particular muscle or avoid overly sensitive areas . These include acute inflammation, infection, or sores in the affected area, as well as certain medical conditions or complications. A doctor can explain possible contraindications.

Soooooo, now you can unhook and rattle!
Click here for the Mr. Rattle 2.0 massage gun and Mr. Shake 2.0 mini massage gun.

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These massage guns "Mr. Rattle 2.0" and "Mr. Shake 2.0" offer a possibility to massage yourself at home and on the go at any time and without an appointment. They are easy to use, ergonomically designed and have different attachments and speed levels. Regular use of massage guns can reduce muscle soreness, improve flexibility, and increase circulation. Massage guns can be used to relieve pain and reduce swelling associated with lipedema. However, for lymphedema, massage guns should be used with caution and medical advice is recommended.