SGU Geschenkbox

SGU gift box

"Giving means giving something to someone else that you would most like to keep for yourself."

- Selma Lagerlof

Exactly according to this motto we designed the Power Sprotte gift boxes and today we can present the first of them to you:

The Strong Girls United Gift Box

Is there a flat knitting heroine that you totally adore and who just deserves to be given a good present? But now there is the Strong Girls United gift box , which we have specially put together to enchant exactly this wonderful woman.

And this is how you can imagine the whole thing: Completely surprisingly, you give your strong girl her gift box. With sparkling eyes she accepts the black box, on which she discovers - in gold of course - the Strong Girls United logo.
She unties the loop and opens the box. It contains the following things, lovingly embedded:

One of the Strong Girls United postcards (from the 2023 community calendar), as well as the grandiose mirror sticker "Your best is good enough" , the Strong Girls United key ring and the new single-row Strong Girls United necklace in your desired colour.

Of course we chose the keychain and chain because they are the ultimate Strong Girls United swag! The key ring reminds your flat knit heroine every time she reaches for the key that she is 1. strong and 2. never alone. Because we Strong Girls are United - so united ! This is exactly the purpose of the necklace, while only making the wearer sparkle even more.

The mirror decal is designed to serve as a loving daily reminder that our best is always enough. Sometimes the best thing is to just muddle through the day and sometimes we become overachievers. No matter what day it is: your best is good enough!

But enough talking - here is the Strong Girls United gift box.

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"Giving means giving something to someone else that you would most like to keep for yourself." - Selma Lagerlof Exactly...

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