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Put your feet up

If you are affected by the diagnosis of lipedema or lymphedema or if you have thrombosis, this will probably always be the case. And maybe you know that blissful feeling when you can put your feet up in between or at the end of a long day.

There are, of course, various solutions for this: A special slatted frame or a wedge-shaped overlay for your mattress, medical wedge pillows like you know them from your physiotherapy practice and now brand new from us : stylish wedge pillows in different colors that are not only good for your legs , but also beautify your living room .

Let's be honest

Does it need that? We think so. Because let's be honest: no matter how well you have come to terms with your diagnosis, you probably have those moments of frustration when you just feel sick. Regular doctor's appointments, a folder on the shelf in which you collect all the lipedema documents, the bandages from compression therapy that take up an entire shelf, or the lymphatic drainage device that may still be parked on the sofa because you haven't found a suitable place yet. Sometimes the diagnosis is everywhere you look, and it's okay if it bothers you . Just scream out or take a deep breath and then adjust the crown again. (By the way: do you already knowour little crowns ?)

Self-management - but make it sexy

This is exactly why we at Power Sprotte have made it our task to find solutions for your everyday life that are not only practical for your self-management, but also beautiful . With this wedge-shaped pillow you have the opportunity to put your legs up in a relaxed way - and in a stylish way! The cushions are available in our shop in different colors - is your desired color already included?

The wedge shape makes your feet the highest point and gravity stimulates both lymph and blood flow. Therefore, the wedge pillow can be beneficial for lip and lymph patients. It is also suitable for people with varicose veins , calf cramps and phlebitis . When you get up again and start the rest of the day strengthened, you can simply put the pillow on the side again and nobody will know what superpower is hiding behind it.

Summarized again: This little marvel is a must-have in every living room. You can help your lymph drain without making your home look like a therapy room. Awesome, isn't it?

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If you are affected by the diagnosis of lipedema or lymphedema or if you have thrombosis, this will probably always...

These massage guns "Mr. Rattle 2.0" and "Mr. Shake 2.0" offer a possibility to massage yourself at home and on the go at any time and without an appointment. They are easy to use, ergonomically designed and have different attachments and speed levels. Regular use of massage guns can reduce muscle soreness, improve flexibility, and increase circulation. Massage guns can be used to relieve pain and reduce swelling associated with lipedema. However, for lymphedema, massage guns should be used with caution and medical advice is recommended.