Sommer in Kompression – Das musst du wissen!

Summer in compression - you need to know that!

The best tips for hot days with lipedema and lymphedema

Hey, summer again. But don't worry, here's what you need to know about summer in flat knit and circular knit compression.


LSF of compression

Did you know that flat knit compression has an SPF between 20 and 80? So you don't necessarily have to apply lotion under the compression, but all the more so around it.


Compression sun protection factor SPF



Heat accumulation on the feet

I'm a big advocate of open-toed shoes, even if the toes are closed. Let's face it, there's no fashion bible that says you shouldn't, and our compression isn't a tennis sock either. So out with your feet ino sandals! Create your own climate zone and enjoy the fresh wind blowing through the knitted fabric.

To cool off in between, you can use this fun and handy spray bottle, fill it with water and an essential oil of your choice and spray it on whenever you need it. Don't worry, the compression can handle it!




Beware of mosquitoes

Don't you have mosquito bites either, but mosquito stick volcanoes? These giant flaps are not so harmless, because excessive scratching can cause inflammation there and, in the worst case, cause erysipelas. I don't want that, so it's best to take this helpful gadget to hand. The bite away heats up the bite and neutralizes the itchy snot of the mosquito. A blessing, I tell you. The sooner you apply it, the better.


Here you come to the perfect tools for your summer in compression!

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