Deine neuen Lieblingsaccesoires - von Kopf bis Fuß!

Your new favorite accessories - from head to toe!

Spring! It's finally getting warmer. The cold can stay stolen from me from now on. I hid my winter shoes and thick hats. I can finally put on sneakers again without freezing. Finally pumps again without getting stuck in the snow. Finally freeing my head from the endless weeks of knitting.

From head...

Like a primula I stretch my head out into the spring sun and let myself be beamed. But there is still one little thing missing - exactly, a headband .

I know you might be thinking "Headbands, that's totally old school!" But we're just making them cool again now! The headbands give every look that certain something and combined with the compression, you will become a fashionista in no time at all. Whether with a casual outfit or an elegant evening dress , you always make a statement with a headband.

So dear sprat fleet, try it out and let my new favorite accessory convince you. Crown yourself the compression queen , you'll see, such a little crown makes the difference and lets you shine completely new!

Just like primroses shine in all colors, you can do the same with our headbands. These wonderful "crowns" are available in plain silk - is your favorite color already included? - and in grey-gold (with lots of glitter), studded with pearls and in a colorful glitter candy look . Let's continue the headband revolution started by Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl !

And why stop on the head when we have such beautiful feet?

Legs in compression and with patterned stockings

... to foot.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of long pants and winter boots. Short pants, skirts and dresses are needed and my beautiful compri is now shown to everyone.

What do I especially like about spring? Finally you can see how much I love colorful socks. They simply make every day more beautiful. And that too over the compression. Of course, not all socks work - some are just a bit too thick in combination with the compression. This is exactly what we at Power Sprotte thought about and found a great solution for this too:

Transparent socks with woven colorful motifs! We are convinced that these socks are something for all flat knitting heroes. It doesn't matter whether you're already part of the rainbow with your compri or prefer to play it safe with simple colors - you can bring (even more) color into your wardrobe with our foot wallpaper . It's as simple as it is ingenious: with these beautiful stockings, you don't have to limit yourself to the number that your health insurance company deems appropriate, you can afford as many as you want. Yeah! Decide for yourself which design is your favourite: "Green with Birds" , "Fruit Paradise" , "White Flower Vine" or "Oak" . Or all four?

Are you totally blown away now too?
Then let's rock these socks together!
Okay, enough rhyming - here are the new items in the shop .

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