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mindfulness & self-care

As soon as the Christmas season is over, the turn of the year is approaching, as every year, as a surprise. It is usually accompanied by the long-awaited break with time to breathe deeply. Because throughout December, a lot revolves around other things: the last tasks at work , cookies for friends and family and gifts for loved ones. There are also numerous Christmas parties , meetings with friends who are only there over the holidays and joint visits to the Christmas market.

It can be beautiful and magical, but all these points have one thing in common: the focus on the outside . Therefore, for most people, the contemplative time only begins after the holidays, when all relatives have said goodbye and you can finally put your feet up.

If you're feeling emotionally and physically drained after an incredibly exhausting year 2022 and the holiday marathon, then you're in good company. Mindfulness of one's own needs and self-care for one's own body and soul are extremely important for health. Stress in particular can have a negative effect on many diseases, such as lipoedema and lymphoedema. Many flat knitting heroes feel the typical lipoedema pain more intensely , especially in stressful phases of life, and a changed hormone balance can also promote the progression of the disease. Therefore, when it comes to self-management, it is not only worth going for regular lymphatic drainage and wearing compression garments, but also being mindful of your own feelings and reducing stress.

A good plan in nature is on a table

Furthermore, dealing with yourself (regardless of whether it is physical or mental) always offers the chance to rediscover yourself. That's why the Power Sprotte online shop not only has everyday helpers for our physical needs, but also for our mental needs: A good plan (undated) is the planner with which you learn to pay attention to your needs again and keep an eye on burnout factors and take back control of your life . A good book on mindfulness contains all of the self-reflections in A Good Plan , making it ideal for anyone who wants to bring more mindfulness into their lives but doesn't need a busy schedule . A good publisher 's books have stood the test of time for over six years now, helping thousands of people stay calm in a hectic world that consistently glamorizes overwork as "burning for a cause" and vacations as a counterbalance to exhaustion. The founders of the publishing house have experienced first-hand that this is not healthy, which is why they created A Good Plan .

If instead, or in addition to the calendar, you are looking for an empty notebook to record your thoughts , then the Shine is my favorite color notebook is just right for you: It not only brings color into your life, but is also suitable with the dotted ones Pages perfect for your own bullet journal, sketches and other notes.

Mens sana in corpore sano ...

A purple cloth mat with numerous plastic spikes

is a Latin idiom. It means " a sound mind in a sound body" and dates back to the first two centuries AD. This thousand-year-old concept is also reflected in our store: In addition to the above-mentioned books for more mindfulness - i.e. for a healthy mind - your physical health is particularly important to us. With regard to you as a flat knitting hero, this naturally means skin care and self-management as two of the five pillars of complex physical decongestion. The tools are just as versatile as human personalities and bodies.

One of our shop favorites is the acupressure mat , which has beneficial effects on both the mind and body: one person sleeps better using the mat in the evening, while others use it to help with stress and anxiety attacks. In any case, it promotes blood circulation , ensures a pleasant tingling sensation on your skin and can relieve tension. And by activating the pain receptors on and under the skin, messenger substances are released that have a pain-relieving effect.

The dear little ones

Our "little" massage aids have also proven their worth. On the one hand there are the acupressure massage rings for fingers and hands . These can bring momentum back into the stylus and promote blood circulation, revitalize fingers and hands and relieve pain. Due to their size, you can take them with you everywhere and thus build in small islands of relaxation even in hectic everyday life.

The picture shows a massage gun and several attachments

The cupping cup offers you another “small but mighty” moment . With the cup you trust, you promote blood circulation , get your tissue going and get the lymph moving again !

Our two massage guns are a bit larger, but still suitable for handbags : The Mr. Rattle 2.0 massage gun comes with 6 interchangeable heads for all kinds of purposes and, with 30 speed levels , helps you to work deep into your tissue and relieve muscle pain and promote blood circulation and regenerate quickly. The slightly smaller mini massage gun Mr. Shake 2.0 is in no way inferior to the larger model and is particularly suitable for on the go. If one of your goals is to bring more relaxation into a stressful everyday life and nothing can be changed about your working hours, one possibility could be to build relaxation breaks for breathing exercises and mini -massages into your working day .

The professionals for your DIY lymphatic drainage

Two other shop favorites are the wooden massage rollers Rollo Banano and Rollo T-Rexo . The two not only inspire with their funny names and their beautiful appearance - but above all with their effect on DIY lymphatic drainage at home. With the curvy Rollo Banano you can roll your legs, hips and buttocks comfortably and evenly, stimulating the lymphatic flow and reducing pain. The slightly smaller roller blind T-Rexo is the perfect counterpart to its big brother, because the pressure of both hands is not always necessary. With the Rollo T-Rexo you can stimulate your skin with one hand .

It doesn't matter what form you choose to practice mindfulness and self-care over the next few weeks (and then hopefully throughout the year) , the important thing is that you allow yourself to be there for yourself before you are there for others. Yes, our society lives from the fact that we are there for each other - but we also have to be there for ourselves. Nobody knows your physical and emotional needs as well as you do and therefore nobody can take care of you as well as you do . You are the expert for your body and soul.

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