Warum Schmuck Teil deiner Therapie werden sollte

Why jewelry should be part of your therapy

dear jewellery,

there are days when I don't give you enough importance because lipoedema, compression and self-management occupy a very big place in my life . That's why I'm writing you this love letter today, so you know that you really are irreplaceable for me and why that is.

I used to have little interest in fashion and even less in jewellery . It was kind of just about being clothed. For years, I chose clothes based solely on whether they fit. But fashion has been so much fun for me for a few years - there are so many colours, patterns and fabrics that can be wonderfully combined with each other and for compression. And one or the other piece of jewelry found its way into my hands.

And so began our love story. I only entered into a short-term liaison with many items of clothing. Especially the pants that I used to buy quickly chafed on the legs. In addition, my clothing size kept changing due to countless diets and relapses . Many a favorite pair of trousers was just months later too tight and sometimes too wide. The relationships were often very entertaining and increasingly associated with disappointments.

But you, jewelry, were always faithful to my side. Since you are not subject to any clothing size, you have never left me alone and so radiated the most diverse outfits with your shine.

Whether winter or summer, there are always new possible combinations. You decorate my arms and hands in the form of rings and bracelets when I'm not wearing my arm compression or have already taken it off. And when I wear both arm and leg compression you give my outfit the right finishing touch with earrings and necklaces. I like you in the form of earrings, especially in winter, because you remain visible no matter how thick I am wrapped up. While bracelets, rings and chains disappear under gloves, jackets and scarves, earrings add just the right touch of glamor to my cozy outfit.

You come in the form of textile jewellery, or metallic and wonderfully shiny. You are so versatile that I keep discovering new facets of you.

Oh jewel, I'm glad you exist and you just always "fit" and I know you're not too tight even after the Christmas holidays. Thank you for making the relationship with you so wonderfully uncomplicated.

I read this quote the other day: "Jewelry isn't going to change the world, but women who wear it will." I think that applies to us so well because there are days when I don't feel good. But then I choose a particularly nice pair of earrings - like my heart-shaped hoop earrings - which just remind me that I don't have to be perfect to love myself and be loved by others. They remind me of what I've accomplished and that I'm a superhero through and through.

This might sound a little strange to others, but it makes so much sense to me. It also reminds me a bit of the superheroes from comics and films: they often have a certain object or piece of jewelry that gives them magical powers or, in the case of Sailor Moon, for example, the transformation from schoolgirl to self-confident warrior for love and justice helps.

And that's what you are to me some days.

I put it on and become a self-confident lipoedema fighter, because you underline the sparkle that I already have in me.


In love.

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