Geschenke-Tipps: Morgen, Flachstrickheld:innen, wird’s was geben

Gift tips: There will be something tomorrow, flat knitting heroes

The everyday life of a flat knitting heroine can always be stressful . In addition to work, you juggle lymphatic drainage appointments, sports units and pick up your new compression. Especially at the end of the year, things often come together. So while others stroll through the Christmas market with a mulled wine and the smell of baked apples floats through the air, you might still be negotiating with the health insurance company about your new care.

As every year, there is also the typical gift stress.
Like every year? No, not this year.

The little power gift guide

In this blog article and in our small gift guide you will find a wide variety of strong gift inspirations from the Power Sprotte online shop : whether for friends from the community, your favorite person, your therapist or yourself. From useful to sporty to glamorous - we got you. This way you can find the right gift and simply say thank you to the people around you who support you all year round in your therapy and in everyday life, without having to rush to 10 different shops or resort to large anonymous online mail order companies .

Small everyday helpers for everyone

Do you already know the Lymph Laces ? Whether due to lymphedema, in bandaging, after liposuction or simply for more comfort in everyday life - the Lymph Laces are a revolutionary blessing! The elastic laces do not need a loop, adapt to any foot and fit perfectly after the first lacing. Therefore, they are not only an ideal gift for flat knitting heroes, but for everyone who wants to enjoy a little extra comfort.

For doctors, physiotherapists and sanifeen

What would we do without her? These professional groups always provide us with (secret) information, have strong nerves when we lose them and generally make life easier for us. Of course, the other 364 days are also suitable for saying thank you (from time to time) - only sometimes that just falls short and the Christmas season is perfect for surprising these secret superheroes with a little something. How about, for example, homemade cookies and a nice card with a few personal words? In this case you can do the baking yourself, you can find the card in the stationery category. There you will find a spectrum from seasonally neutral to Christmas-themed cards. The "world's best Sanifee" cup is also particularly popular - it's also easy to fill with small sweets. Just saying...

Friends from the community

Living with lipedema is not a sprint, nor is it a one-on-one battle. It is much more a marathon that we master together with our lipedema and lymphedema sisters . That's why we created the Strong Girls United collection .

A completely new addition to the range is the wall calendar with sayings from the community, with a free sticker sheet to mark important dates such as MLD, new compression, etc. For anyone who wants even more organization in their everyday life, the desk pad is just the thing. In the same category you will also find the popular keychain and the beautiful statement necklace.

The mirror stickers are also ideal as a gift, because they simply bring good energy into the living space of the recipient. Incidentally, the "Your best is good enough" sticker is not only suitable for flat knitting heroes, but is a message that we all get to hear or read from time to time.

Is your target a bookworm ? Then browse through the books category. There you will find various informative books on the subject of lipedema, cookbooks and also the mindfulness book.

Top athletes and those who want to become one (we're just saying: New Year's resolutions) will certainly be happy about our popular Zuwarmi microfibre towels and the fighter t-shirts . The perfect equipment for everyone who wants to make a strong statement in sports (or in everyday life).

The extra wellness kick in everyday life is available with our self-massage tools :

Mr. Shake and Mr. Rattle will help you work deep into your tissues and relieve muscle pain. While you have to lend a hand here, with the acupressure mat you have to put it on, close your eyes and relax . You will also find cupping cups, massage rings and the right massage and shower oil in the shop. And let's be honest, who doesn't need an extra dose of wellness after this year?

For loved ones without lip/lymphedema

We also have a few little things for your sweetheart. Let's start with the "Lymph me baby, one more time!" and "Baby, may I lymphate you?" postcards. This is a humorous way to say thank you for all the support your loved one gives you every day. It's not a Christmas card and is therefore suitable for all those who don't like Christmas. If you still want to get them in the mood, you can try the mulled wine cup . And the massage tools are also suitable for absolutely EVERYONE.

Shine bright like a diamond

Are you one of those people who like to give themselves presents? Or do you like to send links to make it a little easier for your patrons? Then this category might be the right one for you:

Jewelry has nothing to do with self-management and does not make it easier to wear your compression. But, as stupid as it may sound, sometimes a special piece of jewelry can give us a little strength in everyday life. Have you seen Sailor Moon or other anime before? Often the Magical Girls have a special brooch or attachment that has magical powers and gives them superpowers in battle. For the days when you also need an extra dose of magic - or just glamor - we have a small but fine selection of special pieces that we have selected for you.

After all, it's okay to glitter under the Christmas tree, and a little glitter and sparkle doesn't hurt for a New Year's outfit either.

Come by, say hi

If you like shopping offline and value personal advice, then come by the Power Sprotte Concept Store in the heart of Augsburg. It is best to make an appointment for this so that you have enough time for yourself.

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