Lipödem Lymphödem Mode Statement Tshirt Arm Kompression

Which t-shirt size fits me?

I can well understand the question mark in your head, because I also have to puzzle out which clothing size might fit me every time. In order for us to prevent returns together and for you to always make the right choice when ordering a top in this shop, I have a great tip for you!

On this page I list all the size charts for POWER clothing. Now all you have to do is take a well-fitting favorite piece of yours and take the measurements with a measuring tape and compare them with the size charts here.

Easy right?

If you are already really excited about your new statement t-shirt, then this link will take you directly to the category!

Lipoedema Lymphedema fashion measured

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These massage guns "Mr. Rattle 2.0" and "Mr. Shake 2.0" offer a possibility to massage yourself at home and on the go at any time and without an appointment. They are easy to use, ergonomically designed and have different attachments and speed levels. Regular use of massage guns can reduce muscle soreness, improve flexibility, and increase circulation. Massage guns can be used to relieve pain and reduce swelling associated with lipedema. However, for lymphedema, massage guns should be used with caution and medical advice is recommended.