So nachhaltig ist deine Bestellung

Your order is sustainable

Online trading sucks, but you can do at least a little bit to avoid causing more damage. That's why I decided to use sustainable packaging as much as possible.
  • All packages are sent CO2-neutral with GOGREEN by DHL .
  • The printed packaging tape is only activated by water and is therefore compostable.
  • The mailers are made from corn-based biopolymers and are also compostable.
  • I will also send your order in used packages and thus set an example against waste.
  • The acid-free tissue paper is FSC certified and printed with soy-based ink.
  • I only drink fair trade organic coffee while packing for hours. The assistant pig too.
  • Your order will be padded with 100% recycled paper wool or biodegradable corn flips.
  • The return shipping is not free and encourages you to order very consciously and avoid unnecessary returns.
  • The "Geile Masche" t-shirt is made from fair trade organic cotton and is vegan.
These are all just small measures, but they make a difference in the masses and with your order you are participating in them. I thank you for that!
Keep using the packaging, enjoy your shopping experience here in the online shop and support my little lifelong dream by telling other fighters about it. Thank you for that too!

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