„Winter is coming …“ - Kompression und Hautpflege im Winter

"Winter is coming..." - compression and skin care in winter

And in addition to cookies, mulled wine and "Last Christmas" on the radio, the freezing cold also goes hand in hand.

After you have mastered the hot summer in compression thanks to our little helpers, you are probably grateful for your warming compression garments in autumn and winter.

So that you can wear your compression all winter and your skin still remains supple, the right skin care is important right now. Because as soon as it gets colder, the skin size changes due to the dry outside and heating air. In the warm heating air, the skin's moisture evaporates. Although this happens more slowly in the cold outside air, the blood circulation in the skin is also reduced because our blood vessels contract when it is cold. Overall, the skin has fewer nutrients and moisture available during the cold months if you don't take extra care of it.

Since the skin of a Flachknittingheld:in is additionally stressed by wearing the compression every day, it's now all the more "cream, cream, cream!", so that the only flakes that fall at Christmas are snowflakes and not the dandruff of your dry skin .

In addition, you should make sure that you drink enough, don't take too long and hot showers and avoid nicotine and caffeine.

your grooming routine

A possible ritual for the cold autumn and winter months could be that you pour yourself a cup (or even better a pot) of tea in the morning. While the tea is brewing, you take your time for your skin care, then drink a cup of tea and when your care has settled in, you slip into your flat knit hero: inner garment. You can repeat the same in the evening when removing the compression. At night, after a long day, your skin finally has the opportunity to take a breather. Help them regenerate and apply a generous amount of cream before you go to bed. Your night cream should be very rich so that the time without the compression is used perfectly. We recommend medi Night or callusan vinum for this.

Applying lotion regularly not only saves you from painful itching (here you can find an acute itching spray for emergencies), but also improves the fit of your compression. Especially with leg compression, it can happen that it slips during the day. The care products in our shop, such as B. callusan extra can, in contrast to many conventional creams, be applied before tightening the compression and improve the hold through the moisturizing effect. Make sure that you do not apply any body lotion, as this can cause deposits to form in the tissue. Therefore, please only use care products that are intended directly for compression wearers.

Don't forget to scrub

The condition of your skin can have a major impact on the hold of the compression stockings. Loose skin flakes are deposited in the knitted fabric and allow the supply to slip. If you scrub and brush yourself regularly, you not only get velvety soft skin, but also prevent ingrown hairs. With our scrubbing set you are optimally equipped.

We have created this care guide to help you find the right skin care product for your skin type when choosing skin care products.





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