Hallo Schrubbel-Routine!

Hello scrubbing routine!

Anyone who belongs to the Power Sprotte Instagram community already knows:

Skin care for compression wearers: inside is important, important, important! You cream yourself before and after wearing the compression? Yes, congratulations! You're already on the podium of the skincare routine. But believe me: there is more to it than that.

brush set

Next level: scrubbing routine

Did you know that you can use dry brushing in the morning to stimulate your lymphatic system and rid your skin of dead skin cells? Yes - sprat proven! Scrubbing not only stimulates the blood circulation, but also the lymphatic flow . In addition, regular scrubbing also improves the comfort of your compression . A real win-win situation: you treat yourself to some relaxation, pamper your skin and in the end you have more fun with your compression in everyday life because it fits better. But why is that?

Why scrub?

The condition of your skin can have a major impact on the hold of the compression stockings. Loose skin flakes are deposited in the knitted fabric and allow the care to slip. With regular scrubbing and brushing you prevent exactly that - dead skin cells are simply said goodbye. If you don't work anymore, you can go, right? Anyone who scrubs and brushes themselves from time to time not only gets velvety soft skin, but also prevents ingrown hairs. With regular use, brushing can also prevent clogged pores. Bye, unloved pimples on the buttocks, back or décolleté. Hello peach skin! Incidentally, scrubbing has a long tradition in Ayurveda and is called Garshana dry massage (from garshana = "to rub"). The massage is usually carried out with a glove and is used for tiredness, obesity, metabolic disorders such as diabetes, edema and lymphatic congestion .

And when shouldn't you scrub?

Scrubbing is great - but under certain circumstances you should rather not do it or avoid relevant skin areas: Contraindications are inflamed skin, psoriasis, eczema, open wounds and infections, after sunbathing, varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. If you are not sure whether one or more points apply to you - it is better to consult your doctor .

Soap pouch and soap

From dry to wet

In the scrubbing set you will find four different brushes and a soap bag. We start with gentle dry brushing before showering to stimulate blood circulation and say goodbye to the first dead skin cells. The soap bag has two functions: it is great for lathering up and applying solid shower soap - at the same time, the texture of the bag provides exfoliation .

You can also start the scrubbing routine with the bath massage brush in the shower. After brushing and showering, your skin is particularly receptive, so please "feed" it with plenty of care products. The right care products for compression wearers can of course be found in the Power Sprotte online shop . With the nubbel massage brush and the nupsel massage brush you can then really work in your care.

Scrubbing after liposuction

Among other things, brushing stimulates blood circulation. This can speed up the wound healing process after liposuction. It also helps reduce swelling. It's important that you approach it very slowly and don't scrub too hard. Especially here "less is more" applies. You get the greatest effect in connection with the two massage rollers Rollo Banano and Rollo T-Rexo , which prevent so-called fibrosis.

Hand holding the dry brush

Now it's scrubbing

Dear flat knitting hero, would you like to get into the Schrubbel Game now? Little sprat recommendation: approach the brushes slowly and don't try them all at once. From "zero to hero" is ambitious, but can overwhelm your skin a bit. In addition, when establishing new habits , it can be advantageous to approach them in small steps ( see blog article on goals and habits ). The so-called lymphatic treatment before brushing is also particularly important , so that the stimulated lymphatic flow does not stand in front of "closed doors". You can do this with deep abdominal breathing and a massage of the groin and armpits. You can read more about this in the book "The Little Coach for the Lymphatic System" by Henry A. Schulze.

But now I don't want to keep you from your happiness any longer. Click here for the scrubbing set made from certified FSC wood . How to use the different brushes and what to look out for is explained in a scrubbing routine workbook created especially for you . It's a service, isn't it?

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