Rollo Banano vs. Rollo T-Rexo

Rollo Banano vs. Rollo T-Rexo

Dear Flat and Circular Knitting Heroine,

Have you heard of the five pillars of complex physical decongestion therapy and can you recite them in your sleep? Good!

If not, here they are for you again: manual lymphatic drainage, compression, skin care, exercise aaaaand last but not least: self-management . And you may have noticed that these five pillars partially overlap and favor each other. Movement in compression is best, skin care is important for the correct fit of your compression and with manual lymphatic drainage you can learn a lot from your therapist for your self-management. Self-management, on the other hand, primarily means that YOU take the lead yourself when it comes to treating your lipoedema.

Self-management - but what?

The best way to do this is if you find a way to incorporate self-management routines into your everyday life (*cough* do you already know our blog article on goals and habits ?), which you carry out regularly. Don't worry, EVERYONE has bad days. In contrast to manual lymphatic drainage in a practice, for which you have to estimate a relatively large amount of time, there are also practical self-massage aids with which you can achieve amazing results with little expenditure of time if used regularly. Two of these absolute game changers are called Rollo Banano and Rollo T-Rexo .

Rollers - but why?

This is by no means an exotic fruit or a recently discovered species of dinosaur. No - both of our roller blinds are massage rollers of the extra class and have really something on the box or on the rollers. Together they are the dream team for your DIY lymphatic drainage at home (and on the go). The two massage rollers stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow - making them your best friends for a lively start to the day and a relaxed end to the day. Together with the scrub set, they are also the ideal companion for the time after liposuction . While the scrubbing brushes are very good for wound healing in general, regular rolling prevents fibrosis (tissue hardening) . However, as the feedback from numerous power sprats shows, existing fibrosis can also be reduced:

Rollo banana and banana next to each other

Fibrosis on the stomach gone!

After the liposuction, fibrosis developed on my stomach and in one place on my leg. Funny nubs if you will. And for a long time I didn't know what that was. Until I came across a report that these things are called fibrosis (are not painful for me) and can go away even after 4 years post-op. Then I ordered the Rollo Banano from Caro and within a few weeks the thing on my stomach was gone. Just go away. And now I still roll over it regularly and the lump on my leg is now getting to the collar.” - that's what Power Sprotte Steffi wrote on January 27th, 2023

Rollers - but how?

Just do a short lymphatic workout (you can read how to do this in Henry A. Schulze's guide "The Little Coach for the Lymphatic System" ) and you're good to go. It is important that, as with MLD, you always roll from the extremities to the angles of the veins . The great thing is that you can just lounge on the sofa or in bed with your two new friends.

Scooters - but which one?

The answer is quite simple: both. You use the curved Rollo Banano with two hands and can massage the larger areas of the body better. It is therefore perfect for legs, buttocks and stomach .

T-Rex using the Rollo T-Rexo The Rollo T-Rexo is for everyone with super short T-Rex arms - no kidding. Of course you have normal long arms - but still not all parts of the body are easy to reach. In addition, the Rollo Banano is simply too big for some parts of the body. Imagine rolling it across your face. Now I made you laugh, didn't I? But seriously: the slightly smaller Rollo T-Rexo with its long wand (is it a magic wand? Maybe.) is perfect for massaging the ankles, arms, earlobes and face . Of course, you can also use it as a back scratcher or for massaging your pet. Choosing between the two would be like choosing between chips and pizza... just can't be done.

Can't wait to get rolling now? Then go here to your massage roller dream team: Rollo Banano and Rollo T-Rexo .

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